Specialized Staffing

Going beyond brand ambassadors

*Pop* *Fizz* *Glug Glug Glug* Embr Events has the first specialized beverage alcohol department in Canada.  We’ve retained exclusive partnerships with product experts in a variety of categories, including:

  • Sommeliers
  • Cicerones
  • Prud’hommes
  • Spirit Tastemakers
  • Craft Brewmasters
  • Mixologists
  • Whisky Distillers

Our Specialized Staffing Department has two purposes:

  1. We can provide staff that has a higher caliber of knowledge at events, on-premise, liquor stores or for launch events
  2. They will be incredibly beneficial for training purposes


Lesley Provost leads the Sommelier and Master Taster and Distiller department at Embr and has brought all her contacts from years of training and exposure to the industry, with 15 years of teaching and Sommelier education.

Mirella Amato is responsible for all beer tastings, events and training programs at Embr, leading the Cicerone and Prud’homme beer experts department. Mirella is internationally renown as a beer expert, earning the certification of Master Cicerone; one of only seven certified Master Cicerones in the world.