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Embr is an experiential agency that delivers an impact where it matters the most, in market share. We don’t spend a lot of time reminding you about how many awards we won, or how great we are. Talk is nothing. Execution is everything.


The Embr Way

Embr works closely with clients to ensure that we’re delivering on all key performance indicators set out for their brands.  We are experts in retail tastings, street teams, promotion stunts, passive sampling and one-off events. If there’s an element or service required that we don’t currently offer, we’ll be honest. And we will research, to find a way to meet that need for current and potential clients.  We care more. Because we’re workaholics? Maybe. But mostly because we love to be considered a ‘partner’ to our clients.  We want them to truly trust us, which we foster in the beginning stages with upfront dialogue and costing, access to our sales data system and our online brand training portals.


We are honest and straightforward when it comes to forecasting for  success. If we don’t believe a program will truly move the needle, we’ll tell you. 


Embr takes past data, key learnings and analysis from completed promotions in order to evolve our offerings to clients to ensure that all programs support their top line sales growth.


Embr has access to a variety of online research sources plus provincial liquor store data.  It’s mostly fancy spreadsheets that we are happy to share with you.


Combining all of that together allows us to execute programs that will hit sampling goals, and convert to purchases. That means higher sales for our clients, and (hopefully) more work for us.

Happy clients.

We have been working with Embr in the Ontario and BC markets since their beginning, and every time we have the chance to hire them for any mandate, we are more than satisfied and pleased with the process, and end results. They are not only our suppliers, but also our teammates. It is such a pleasure to be working with them and we will continue to do so.


Genevieve L.
Sopexa Canada

We have been seeing some really good results with Embr. Thanks to your team for being so energetic and knowledgeable. I know your head office team have really been pushing hard to ensure successful tastings. It’s been a great Summer so far and it’s satisfying to see these kinds of results coming in.


Shannon M.
Marketing Specialist – Muskoka Brewery

The team at Embr are unmatched in their dedication and service to businesses they partner with. Having worked with Embr in the past with experiential marketing I know Black Fly can trust that the job will get done to the fullest extent. Embr is an extension of Black Fly that the consumer gets to experience in store. Because of this, I would trust this with no one else when it comes to marketing and sampling our products.


Mike P.
VP Sales & Marketing – Black Fly Beverage Company

I love them! They always share their lunches with me and if they don’t they are really reasonable about why not.


Office Dog

From coast to coast

From British Columbia to Halifax.  Embr can staff any ask, or small town across the Country.  We spent time and resources to learn all the provincial liquor laws for every province in order to be your experts when it comes to what’s allowed, and what’s not, across Canada. 

National Expertise

 After planning and executing thousands of consumer events across Canada, we have a mastery of not only what’s allowed in each market, but what works best. What workes best in one market. might not be as effective in another.

Boots On the Ground

We have supervisors in all regions that work directly for Embr.  Training sessions can be executed in market, simultaneously with other provinces, remotely.  If you need that extra hand for a trade show, or someone to aid in a remote store in Medicine Hat, we’re there.

Never Outsourced

Embr is fully integrated , meaning our reporting systems, internal policies and training portals are streamlined to work across Canada. We don’t outsource to other staffing agencies. We are the agency. 

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